Who we are

About us

We're Crazy Panda Village, and we're far from your average gaming company. As a fiercely independent band of creators, we get a kick out of pushing gaming to its limit and beyond. Our team isn't just a pack of developers, artists, or storytellers – we're hardcore gamers through and through, and our zeal for gaming reverberates in every tiny pixel and piece of code we work on.
Picture us as the indie crew, an intimate family of trailblazers and visionaries. We might be small, but our dreams are big – as vast as the open sky. Our faith lies in the potency of creativity and the enchantment of fun, and we're on a relentless quest to spread joy and a rush of adrenaline to players across the globe.
Our adventure kicked off with a humble concept – to design a game that seamlessly marries the electrifying rush of action RPGs with the communal soul of MMOs. A game where players can morph into heroes, wage epic wars, and set off on a rollercoaster ride of unforgettable quests. That's how Crazy Panda Village sprang to life.
Each panda in our family brings a special set of skills to the table, a fresh way of looking at things, and an unyielding drive to push beyond the limits. We wear different caps, toss a lot of balls in the air, and often burn the midnight oil. But we wouldn't want it any other way. It's our passion for what we do and our belief in the game we're building that keeps us going.
Don't be fooled by our size. We're hell-bent on providing a premium gaming experience. We're all about the nitty-gritty, strive to hit the bullseye in everything we take up, and never settle for anything less than stellar. The journey might be tough, but each obstacle we conquer brings us a stride closer to our dream.
As we keep pouring our heart and soul into developing Crazy Panda Village, we're thrilled to let you in on our vision. Our incredible community's support is our fuel, and we're on tenterhooks to see you in the Crazy Panda Village universe. Hop on this epic ride with us, and let's etch our name in the annals of gaming history!